We are an academically accredited internationally recognized forest school

School Curriculum


ONE Forest School is a Bedford County private school offering open enrollment for the 2021- 2022 school year. We are an academically accredited internationally recognized forest school offering a STREAM curriculum for pre-school and first grades with academic support for grades 2-8.

The academic mission of ONE Forest School is to foster and promote a safe and positive outdoor learning environment that enhances student learning through a project-based curriculum utilizing STREAM (science, technology, reading, engineering, art, and math). To support the whole learner in a traditional forest school setting, STREAM also supports social skills, teamwork, responsibility, environmental awareness and mindfulness. The overall focus for ONE Forest School’s primary grades is patriotism.

Our goal is to facilitate students’ exploration of what it means to be patriotic for one’s country through studying early American history. Using the Virginia Standards of Learning, students are immersed in place-based education with a major focus on Virginia and local history. The school year is divided into 10 months with each month having a theme.

The theme will be the basis for project-based learning incorporating STREAM within all grade levels. The school year’s themes are organized chronologically based on early American history. The themes highlight the creation of the United States with an in depth focus on how Virginia played a major role.

* September’s theme is Native Americans with a study of North America’s major culture groups and Virginia’s major tribes.

* October is exploration with an overview of the Age of Exploration including the major explorers like John Smith.

* November is colonization learning all about the 13 American Colonies and where it all began in Jamestown.

* December is revolution and we delve into the American Revolution and how it ended in Yorktown, VA.

* January is Young America and the Constitution when the founding fathers were designing American government and we focus on how the Virginia Plan shaped the Legislative Branch.

* February is the Presidents and African American history with Virginia being the mother of Presidents and we also research famous African Americans from Virginia.

* March is women’s history month and we study how women shaped American history including famous women of Virginia.

* April is the Civil War with the capital of the Confederacy, Richmond and we focus on the major battles fought in Virginia.

* We end the year with May and the theme is America the Beautiful to celebrate all who have served and died for America to honor Memorial Day including the Bedford Boys of Virginia.

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