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Our Primary Grade School Program, Homeschool Program and Virtual Learner Program are designed around a forest school education. Every learner will have a personalized learning path, an advisor to navigate competencies, community experiences and tiered support to meet developmental and social-emotional needs. They will engage in the learning process through nature, environment, and community and develop areas of interest, passions, and inquiry based on interactions and communications. Each learner will meet competencies absent from the physical and time constraints of the Carnegie Unit, and outcomes will be based on mastery of skills.

Our primary school is for grades preschool through the first grade; and assisted learning for grades 2-8.

Overseeing our academic curriculum is our Director of Education, Janelle Helfer and our Board Vice President, Heidi Sutherland. Janelle has her Masters Degree in both Elementary Education and Special Education, along with over five years experience teaching in public schools. She is also a certified Virginia Master Naturalist. Heidi has her teaching degree and a BA in American Studies, along with over 20 years of teaching experience.

ONE Forest School’s Curriculum:

The overall focus for ONE Forest School’s academic school year is patriotism. Our goal is to facilitate students’ exploration of what it means to be patriotic for one’s country through studying early American history. Using the Virginia Standards of Learning, students are immersed in place-based education with a major focus on Virginia and local history. The school year is divided into 10 months with each month having a theme. The theme will be the basis for project-based learning incorporating STREAM within all grade levels.

Tuition for homeschoolers and virtual learners are based on a 1, 2, or 3 day per week curriculum to meet SOL requirements. For students who choose the 1 day is $1,287 per year ($143 per month), 2 day per week curriculum, tuition is $2574 per year ($286 per month); for 3 days, $3861 per year ($429 per month). There is a $100 material fee that is not included in the tuition..

The annual school year tuition is $6,300 ($700 per month). This amount may be paid in full or monthly payments may be made. There is a $100 deposit that will go towards tuition and a $200 material fee that is not included in tuition.

ONE Forest School offers an After School Enrichment Program (ASEP) for local children attending Huddleston Elementary School. The cost for this program is $250 per month. Please call for more information.

We offer financial aid and student discounts. Please contact us to discuss your options. We accept payment in the form of cash, check or credit/debit. Payment must be made prior to your child’s attendance. If paying with credit/debit card, we have a Venmo account.

ONE forest school - monthly themes

The school year’s themes are organized chronologically based on early American history. The themes highlight the creation of the United States with an in depth focus on how Virginia played a major role.

September- Native Americans-North America’s major culture groups and Virginia’s major tribes.

October- Exploration- the Age of Exploration with the major explorers including John Smith.

November- Colonization- the 13 Colonies and where it all began in Jamestown.

December- Revolution- the American Revolution and how it ended in Yorktown

January- Young America and the Constitution- early government and how the Virginia Plan shaped the Legislative Branch.

February- the Presidents and African American history- Virginia as the mother of Presidents and famous African Americans from Virginia.

March- Women’s history- how women shaped American history and famous women of Virginia.

April- the Civil War- capital of the Confederacy, Richmond and major battles fought in Virginia.

May- America the Beautiful- a celebration of all who have served and died for America to honor Memorial Day including the Bedford Boys.

2021-2022 one forest school calendar dates

calendar year runs June 1st - May 31

June 1st First Day of Summer Camp

August 6th Last Day of Summer Camp

August 7th Forest School Open House

August 30st First Day of School

September 6th Labor Day Holiday (School Closed)

October 30th Halloween Spooktacular

November 24th-26th Thanksgiving Holiday (School Closed)

December 11th Holiday Craft Fair

December 20th-31st Winter Break (School Closed)

January 17th Martin Luther King Holiday (School Closed)

February 21st Founder’s Day (School Closed)

April 11th-15th Spring Break (School Closed)

May 21st Summer Camp Open House

May 26th Last Day of School

May 27th Graduation

June 6th First Day of Summer Camp

August 5th Last Day of Summer Camp

Suggested Clothing List For Seasonal Play


“There’s no such thing as bad weather, only unsuitable clothing.” Alfred Wainwright

Knowing how to dress your young explorer to match the weather conditions outside can be challenging. We’ve taken some of the guesswork out of what clothing combinations are best for various weather conditions. Whether its snow, rain, sleet, wind, intense heat and humidity, we have you covered!

The Golden Rule in Virginia is LAYERS! Layers offer pockets of warmth, protection from the wind, and freedom for your child to self-regulate their comfort while playing outside.

Here is a cheat sheet for cold weather layering that will help take the mystery out of dressing your child before they venture into the forest:

  • -The first layer should be a top and bottom made of wool, silk or 'Heat Tech'.
  • -The second layer should be warm pants and top.
  • -The third layer should be a sweater or fleece.
  • -The fourth layer should be a snow suit (to keep bodies warm).
  • -Fleece or wool socks.
  • -Insulated, waterproof footwear with rubber soles for gripping.
  • -Winter hat or balaclava, and/or a scarf.
  • -Waterproof gloves/mittens, for cold days 2 pairs can be worn; one thin knit pair and a waterproof heavier pair on top.
  • -On rainy days rain boots are a must!

  • On rainy days rain boots are a must! We recommend Hapiu Muddy Buddy Rain Suit. It’s lightweight, breathable, waterproof nylon that offers plenty of room for layering on cold days. It even has ankle straps to help keep rain boots on feet! They offer sizes 18 months to 4T.
  • On windy days, face salve is an important component to windy or winter outdoor protection that is often missed. Natural ingredients, such as beeswax and shea butter, act as a barrier to keep moisture in and the dry, cold air out.
  • The hot humid days of a Virginia summer can be quite challenging to some but, because we spend most of our day under a canopied forest, it’s not a problem! Picking loose fitting, lightweight, breathable clothing is best! Shy away from dark colors that naturally absorb light. Choosing fabrics that wick away (move away) moisture is also a good idea.


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