ONE FOREST SCHOOL'S mission is to give those who come to Deerhead Nature Preserve an Organic Nature Experience by providing authentic learning opportunities to engage in nature, in a meaningful, lasting and holistic manner. We strive to instill a positive regard for nature and responsible stewardship. We foster a sense of community and a shared learning experience. Our Forest School program builds resilient, confident, and independent learners.

About ONE Forest School


The role of ONE Forest School is to play an integral part of every child who comes, regardless of his or her ability, background, religion or ethnicity. By developing in children a solid foundation of character, compassion and respect, they will be better equipped to handle obstacles in later school years and life.

Children will learn through playing with all the loose parts the forest has to offer as well as play in our sand or mud pit, create culinary surprises in our mud kitchen, build shelters and forts, play acting and dressing up, work in our vegetable or herb garden, participate in our weekly fire ceremonies and share their reflections during daily circle time. They will also better understand nature through different craft projects, identifying the different aspects of a living forest like the birds and the trees and the bugs and the rocks. This is all done through play as it’s been shown to be more beneficial to children. The forest is their classroom.

In a time when childhood learning deficiencies, obesity, and school violence have become the norm, Forest schools are stepping in to provide our children with what they are lacking today, authentic learning experiences in nature. With society's focus on IQ, grades and state mandated assessments, our children are missing the most important part of their education: spending time in nature.

Forest schools have become the holistic building blocks for creating happy, healthy, well rounded people. They instill a yearning for learning and creativity in children while providing a safe, outdoor environment in the woods where children can spend the day, year round, in all weather. By enabling the children the freedom to explore and play, ONE Forest School will create a growth mindset in your child where they will be fully open to learning with no pressure.

We are a proud member of Smith Mountain Lake Chamber of Commerce, Central VA Business Coalition, BBB, Bedford County Area Chamber of Commerce, ERAFANS

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